Oh my God a hawk just ripped up a pigeon right in front of me and totally just sat there eating it


Om, nom, nom, nom.

The music totally makes this, I have to say.

Related, it’s a not uncommon occurrence around my house to see a turkey vulture eating road kill. I once saw at least of a dozen of them feasting on a deer that had been there for a week or so… Not the same thing as a hawk swooping in, grabbing a pigeon, and nomming a way, but still.

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I am disappointed this does not include the initial kill.


Any animal that kills pigeons is a friend of mine. Disposing of them is bonus.


Well, ‘brother’, we were both dinosaurs once; but it would seem that one of us has forsaken their proud heritage… In honor of the ancestors!


Very nice! That’s a juvenile female Cooper’s Hawk. Such impressive little neighborhood predators, they’re definitely among my favorite birds.


Can we borrow it?

Fucking flying rats. All we get are those, seagulls and crows.


Heather saw the feathersplosion in the corner of her eye and we got shooting real fast. I’m tempted to set up a camera permanently just to get the next one!


Used to see them on a semi-regular basis back when I lived in Pittsburgh. You can often find the eviscerated remains of squirrels and pigeons around the Cathedral of Learning or William Pitt Union.

Around here it’s more likely to be owls and (gulp) cats. Guess one cat is too much for an owl to eat.

Just yesterday we did the “Raptor Flyover” at the Sonora Desert Museum. They have a whole family of Harris’ Hawks, seven of them I think. It was pretty neat to watch them flying around with each other, and even doing some pecking order squabbling and a mock team hunt.


The Sonora Desert Museum is one of my favourite places.


Noticed it went for its bonnie wee eyes first.

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I witnessed a similar hawk gets pigeon event recently but I was looking up at it as it was happening at the very top of a telephone line pole with the pigeon feathers drifting down like snowflakes (in Cambridge MA) - no video of that though… In the last year I also encountered a wild turkey in my back yard and saw a deer stuck between 2 fences at the city park across the street from my house… Urban wildlife gone wild

Feathersplosion! Now that’s something we’d all like to see.

My true life story is one of seagull on pigeon.

I used to stand on my roof in SF and yell at that goddamned lazy-ass peregrine falcon.

Me, too. We have one that lives in our neighborhood in the city. Our dogs always bark at it when it comes down into the bushes looking for birdies.
Some time back, the hawk swooped down, scared a bunch of sparrows out, and proceeded to catch one mid air right over our yard.

We see this type of event regularly. What the hawks like to do is drive the pigeon / dove toward a building at high speed, so that it can’t pull out of the dive in time. We usually hear a loud thump on the side of the house, and look out to see snack time in progress.


On the long version, the really good bit is at 7:30

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