Drone and hawk hover together in beautiful aerial dance

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That’s some really awesome hovering skills the hawk has there.

Hawks have perfected antigravity, that’s all there is to it.


this hovering hawk didn’t mind being filmed.

Or maybe it was scanning the parking lot to determine which car windshield belonged to the drone operator.


He looked more interested in finding breakfast that dealing with the drone.


You confuse pigeons with hawks, Pigeons and seagulls are passive aggressive, they poop on you and your stuff if they don’t like you. Hawks are more direct - they will just swoop down and claw your face off. Do not fuck with hawks.


The real fuck-you would be for the hawk to shit the half-digested, passive-aggressive pigeon that it ate a half hour ago onto your windshield…


About the trained eagles…

Do they wear armored gauntlets(?) on their talons?

Are the rotor blades of drones in this size class not particularly dangerous?

What about manhacks?

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Don’t bug me while I’m working.

So, anyone can tell what kind of a hawk that was?

It looks like a Redtail.

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Beat me to it. Yes, a red tail, North America’s most ubiquitous hawk.

@LurksNoMore, pause the video when the hawk is close and compare to the mugshots at this link, the colour of the tail from above is pretty distinctive.

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Thanks! I’m not American, so I had no idea what hawk that one was. :slight_smile:

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