Police training eagles to take down drones


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Needs more lasers


Dinosaurs vs. Robots!

This is a good world :smiley:

For reference…


Those trainers are my definition of the day for “bad ass.”

I’d never let those giant beaks get that close to my eyeballs.



Yarrr! You could use pirate-trained parrots to do the job as well!

Is it time for a remake of The Falcon and the Snowden?


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Dinosaurs vs. Robots!

This is a good world :smiley:[/quote]

A strong philosophical argument that this is truly the best of all possible worlds.


“These pigeons taste funny.”


Now there’s one who knows enough to keep his distance from dangerous critters!


I am a little surprised that the eagles don’t get hurt. You hear about people performing their version of Un Chien Andalou relatively regularly…



Given the damage a drone rotor can do to a living thing, I disapprove of this.


I was about to post the same. If some drones can cause harm to people with the rotors i can’t see how birds of prey would be any safer from harm (especially from large drones).


I concur. It might be better to train South Polar Skuas to attack the drone operators. They have excellent eyesight and will attack humans who they perceive to be a threat.


There could be a second agenda, a breeding program to produce a subspecies of eagle that knows not to grab the spinning parts.


They are birds of foot - it’s the claws that are most dangerous.
Tame macaws are remarkably safe even though they are capable of crunching whole walnuts with their beaks. There was a pub around here once that had a tame macaw that used to go around removing the tops of fruit juice bottles when it wanted a drink. But I never heard of it harming a human being, though it was capable of biting a finger right off.


We’re gonna need bigger drones.



Take note, shotgun-wielding paranoids. There is an even MORE PATRIOTIC way to take down those things than using firearms!


Put a high voltage capacitor with suitable wiring on the drone. A disposable camera photoflash could do the job, maybe with a bigger cap or more caps in parallel. Zap goes the birdie.