Dutch eagles trained to resist robot drone uprising --- thanks Dutch eagles!


At a disused military airfield in the Netherlands, hunting birds like the eagle are being trained to harness their instincts to help combat the security threats stemming from the proliferation of drones.

The birds of prey learn to intercept small, off-the-shelf drones — unmanned aerial vehicles — of the type that can pose risks to aircraft, drop contraband into jails, conduct surveillance or fly dangerously over public events.

[Take that Skynet!] (http://mobile.nytimes.com/2016/05/29/world/europe/drones-eagles.html) Sarah Connor told these Dutch eagles how to resist drones.


Drone pilots are all:


Holy crap!

Was Tolkien right, and the Eagles are destined to repeatedly save our asses in the final act?



Take five, eagles …


Look at me, eagles

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