Watch an eagle take down a drone


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America! Fuck, Yeah!

Those firefighters should train some of these American Australian Heroes to fly alongside their planes and whack those rubber-necking quadcopters out of their flightpath (tiny protective fire-proof eagle suits may be needed)

[ETA: awareness of unitedstatecentrism, thanks to @Boundegar though I left the first instance intact because America! Fuckin’ Eagles! Dogfights! Top Gun! Fuck Yeah! ]


A Luddite eagle?? :open_mouth:


While I understand that drone is becoming a more common term, what’s wrong with just calling it a quadcopter, which this almost certainly was (or possibly a hexacopter, I couldn’t determine what model was being used)?

I had an image of a bad-ass eagle taking down one of these:


No kidding. That eagle came right at the drone. This was no accident. That drone was taken out.


Except I think it’s an Aussie eagle. But we can fist-bump anyway!


Aus-tra-lia! Fuck, yeah!


Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed…



I think you’re kind of answering yourself. Using the more correct quad/hexa/octocopter means the additional work of counting rotors, the annoyance of inevitable pedantic corrections when you get the number wrong, and the realization that you can’t use 'copter as a more general term for the category because the name is taken.

Drone is no more “correct”, but it’s already in common use in many languages so people will know what you mean much better than UAV or whatever. And so it goes.

Man flies new jetpack around the Statue of Liberty

Agreed. Being an RC hobbyist, I never liked the word “drone” being used for RC quads. To me, “drone” implies a level of programmed autonomy that quads do not have. Unfortunately the definition of drone only partially agrees with me (the loosely part) so I cant rant about it too much:
(loosely) any unmanned aircraft or ship that is guided remotely

So I guess we can start calling all RC planes, helicopters, boats, cars, and subs “drones”.


You call that a drone?
This is a drone!


the eagle came out of its nest - saw that thing coming and was protecting its territory


I thought I’d found the perfect place to fly my micro quadcopter … a friend’s farm has a beautiful decaying barn that was challenging to fly around in and also really pretty. It took about 3 crashes for me to realize that the bees from the apiary next door were attracted to quadcopter and were suicidally dive-bombing it :anguished:


Me, too. I remember about two or three years ago some admin assistant mentioned that her son wanted a drone for Christmas and I thought, “Well, good luck with that!” I had no idea that model helicopters were being called drones. I wonder if Boeing et al like the fact that the public has embraced this term, making their drones seem warm and fuzzy rather than machines that carry weaponized death. :slight_smile:


I for one do. It makes sense, they are cute, and the reappropriation of the term comically irks some people.


There is an Eagle that might be able to take that drone out @WearySky


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