A restaurant profits from anti-masker 1-star review in the most devilish way

I was born in North Carolina and still maintain that I escaped as soon as possible. (I left when I was 18 and haven’t lived there in over 30 years now.) It’s still reassuring to know that there are good people there. I applaud this restaurant!


My local coffee joint had a friggen bouncer up until Oct 1, now they have to employ one again, humans are f’d up. Wear the mask, get vaccinated!


I appreciate people who leave these kinds of reviews. It’s a hell of a lot more effective than posting a sign saying, “selfish assholes not welcome.”


Was out in your neck of the woods this past weekend with the GirlChild. Was expecting a lot of conservative “no mask” shite, but was pleasantly pleased to find that a lot of places required masks.

Also, there’s a new “Rock/Wine shop” on 62? That was a weird combo. Not really a rock shop, but had some cool stuff.

(Edit: forgot to add: Wasn’t expecting much in the way of rocks/mineral specimens, but we had to stop because GirlChild noted that there was a grey alien wearing a banana suit standing outside, and if that’s not a sign that the establishment is going to be fun, I don’t know what is.)


My sister-in-law and the wife of my bff both did same, growing up in North Carolina and getting the hell out as soon as they could. They both have siblings that stayed in North Carolina and those siblings are now so deep in the Kool-Aid it’s become their alternative to oxygen.


perhaps boingboing could offer up the t-shirts as one of their endless Pre-Black Friday deals


Dang, I went in there today. I roll through for the shits & giggles, they’re nice folks. As for the mask-holes, not much resistance from the right winger locals left, but the tourists are a whole bag of WTF.
I try not to gather where they go.


NC has lovely pockets of blue, for sure. Also, a beautiful state.


Have in-laws from my Dear Wife that just bailed out of Florida, and bought there retirement home in NC, she’s there helping with the move-in. Can’t wait to do a road trip to their new digs, trailer the motorcycles, lots of great back roads to explore. These folks are blue life long union people that found a nice hamlet of Democrats.


Don’t miss the blueridge parkway in the fall!

And stop by Asheville for some art, books, the Moog factory, and the pinball museum (which is not just a museum of pinball machines, but a one price arcade with the cheapest beer in town).


Oh yeah, they’re in the mountains too, 30 miles from Asheville, lake nearby, and lots of historic towns. Autumn is the time we intend to be there, right around Dear Wife’s B-Day. Plus they have apple trees, pear, & other varieties, pear/apple pie and a hot cup of coffee in the early morning chill, that’s vacation to me.


They are there, absolutely. One of my absolute last visits there, I went to see some friends in Pittsboro, at least partially to help keep my sanity. We were meeting in the delightful Davenport’s Café Diem. I’d heard about the café for quite a while through the owner’s steampunk music podcast. When I got there, the barista had multicolored hair, piercing, and (I think) a Mohawk. The owner proved to be exactly as goth in her daily appearance as she’d implied on the podcast. As we visited, there were people at the next table having a serious discussion of science fiction.

“Oh thank the Gods, my people!”




“I’d like one satanic activity to go, please.”


Stephen Colbert Chefs Kiss GIF by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Yep. I really like Charles Blow’s argument about the reverse migration in order to get a greater slice of political power for Black americans… but we should also weird up the south, too. And not just the big cities either, but like little small towns across the south… Of course, that kind of weirdness has always been a part of the culture here, but so much of it has been driven out by small-minded bigots. It’s sad, because there are some great things about the south and southern culture… much of the best of American culture comes from the south in fact. It’s a shame that we let the southerners who hate all that to dominate the definition of “southern”. We really shouldn’t. It’s honestly some of the best culture produced in the modern era and it’s not them that did it, it was Black Americans and weird Americans of all races who did all that.


Oh, I dunno.

…might make a splendid t-shirt and campaign for a restaurant, too.


Great idea, but I bet they get sued by the reviewers for using their words for profit (because why not, everyone sues)

Doubt they win since Google probably owns their words anyway once they submit a review, because of course Google owns their words.

So the real question is will Google sue them. And the answer is of course they will, Google can’t help themselves…unless a smart PR person intercedes and reminds them suing would be a PR blunder.


Rock Wine is very expensive, because it takes a lot of treading to get the juice out of the rocks.


This is true! Two specific anecdotes from my teens:

The city’s best army/electronics/junk/surplus store had a large gorilla outside the door, with various flashing lights and signs on it.

And the mostly electronics surplus store on Queen St. in Toronto (Active Surplus?) had something similar. I always thought one of them stole the idea from the other.


Satanic? What is this, the '80s concerning D&D, heavy metal, and ouija boards?

\m/ Hail satan.