A review of Prof. Jim Gaffigan's philosophical treatise "Dad Is Fat"


I can’t tell if the book is actually tongue-in-cheek philosophy, or if it’s just regular comedy and you’re being sarcastic.

(Wait, is “sarcastic” the right word there? Ahh, I can’t even tell anymore.)

It’s basically a comedy book. Never fear. It’s a funny book, though.

All of the above.

Hamilton Richardson? Is that you?

I’ll take “I have no idea what any of this is about” for $100, Alex.


Hot Pockets. It’s about Hot Pockets.


It’s always about Hot Pockets.


Yeah, too bad that’s all most people know him for, because he’s funny as hell. Gaffigan’s self-effacing style is like having some creamy soothing ice cream after a spicy burrito of Bill Hicks.


I am not a parent and I never want to be a parent. And yet I still find his humor very funny. He seem very genuine and honest, something I very much appreciate. He is also a religious person – something he’s revealed on the Nerdist podcast. But he’s not preachy. Just honest and, well, real. (I am an atheist.)

He is a fantastic story teller about the mundane crap that is life, and I LOVE his delivery.

ETA: I used the word “very” a lot … and I am gonna keep it.

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Seriously. I always found his religious humor to be really funny. I love his food stuff, but when he sneaks in more subversive bits between jokes about food and napping, it’s the best.

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The tone of this review reminds me of when NPR reviews pop music with a strenuous roll of the eyeballs. If you hate it so much, why cover it?

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