Hear Paul Giamatti’s funny side in this freewheeling podcast

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I might enjoy a coffee or fifty with this podcast.

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So who is making all that coffee?

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If you like it, Giamatti has his own podcast called Chinwag that he does with a professor of philosophy: Chinwag — Treefort

Guests include Neil Gaiman and Bruce Campbell.


I listened to the podcast when it was released and now, having seen The Holdovers last night, I really don’t understand Maron’s problem with the helicopter “airlift” of the other kids.
The script hews pretty strongly to Chekhov’s gun and while it’s a bit quick all the seeds of the helicopter are there in the early scenes with the kids.
After the earlier Maron episode with the former comic who became a obstacle racer revealed that Maron missed the opening explanation of the sport in the doc the guy had made, it might be a guess that this guy takes a while to settle into paying full attention or something,
It was such a weird thing to focus on though.

It’s not like he hides his funny side. I had gender issues with “Sideways,” but I thought he was hilarious in it.


i’ve had a low-grade crush on Giamatti ever since Sideways, i think, and the more i see and learn about him, the more i like him. He’s VERY funny, charmingly self-deprecating, and always seems to give 100% during interviews of all kinds. Also, he’s apparently a huge vintage sci-fi nerd. what’s not to love!

loved him in american splendor;


My kids liked him in his blue period.

Big Fart Liar

Edit - the “r” is silent: Big Fat Liar

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He’ll always be John Adams to me.




that series was so good!

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