Chevy Chase took his Comedy Central roasting very personally: "They clearly didn't like me"

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Why am I not surprised that this notoriously mean-spirited dickhead thought that everyone in the room except him was the arsehole?


Everything that i read about him he just sounds like the worst person to work with. And his utter lack of self-reflection and awareness makes him more unlikable

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Stephen Colbert, still a Daily Show correspondent and really not well known yet, just slayed. I don’t remember anything else about the roast, but his bit has stuck with me ever since.

(should start at 34:26)


How many people have to tell you that you are a bad person repeatedly over decades before you stop and ask yourself if you are the problem?


I’m not surprised he didn’t understand the humour of Community, one of the funniest sitcoms of all time.


As a person, I’ve always noted that he seemed as harsh as his humor can be. That said, I’ve enjoyed a few of his movies (Caddyshack, Funny Farm, Vacation, Fletch, Memoirs of an Invisible Man, etc) despite that. Granted, knowing what we do about him today, I don’t know as I’d pay to see him in anything these days.

But that talk show? Wow… I think the only one that was worse was the Pat Sajak show (which is only notable for giving Rush Limbaugh television exposure by having him guest host the last week of the show).


Another great one was Greg Giraldo’s roast of ‘Shevy.’ One of the funniest people and gone way too soon.


I don’t remember where I read this but supposedly the roast almost didn’t happen because they couldn’t find enough comedians who were willing to, in the usual spirit of a roast, end their bits by saying something nice.

It may not be true but it’s stuck with me because it seems plausible.


Dear Reddit,

Why did you name an entire subreddit after me?

Yours Insincerely,
Chevy Chase.


I think Dan Harmon said that they would sometimes write Pierce’s character by just repeating awful things that Chevy had said.

ETA: there was a talk show interview with Steve Martin, talking about Three Amigos, where he gives a glowing Hollywood tribute on Martin Short’s talent, and then said “and we also needed a big jerk, so we got Chevy”.


Oh, I remember that roast; he’s right it was awful… but for not the reasons he thinks.

Not even one of Chase’s former co-stars from SNL or any of his movies participated.

That should tell you everything you need to know about what kind of ‘star’ Chevy Chase is.

I totally believe it.



Doesn’t seem like he learned, though :woman_shrugging:t3:


No, it doesn’t seem that he did.


I just watched it and thought it was very funny— unlike Chevy Chase! Laraine Newman was there, but probably for the included meal and a possible check as much as anything else, and Beverly D’Angelo sang a great song. But yeah, the lack of star power on this roast was mentioned many times during the show.


Different strokes for different folks.


Johnny Carson said of Chevy Chase that “He couldn’t ad-lib a fart after a baked bean dinner”, which seems to be a fair assessment of his comedic instincts. That he’s widely known to be an aggressively unpleasant asshole, in addition to being deeply unfunny and lacking in self-awareness supports his statement that “They clearly didn’t like me”.


I just read through a few of those articles and it’s hard to picture him as anything other than Pierce from Community. The hypocrisy and denial are big parts of it.


This was definitely one of the tamer roasts that’s been on Comedy Central. They at least had some previous co-stars on the dais, instead of strictly a random group pulled from the Comedy Central stables. Pretty much anything that Jeff Ross has been involved with has been a lot more mean-spirited, so this was light-hearted by comparison. Any problem he had with this was due to “paper-thin” skin.

Not that he doesn’t deserve a mean roast, just that this wasn’t it. (Except Maron, who was indeed a dick.)