Sacha Baron Cohen punks Dick Cheney in promo for his new undercover show


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If someone had told me a mere three years ago that Dick Cheney wasn’t the worst and most destructive politician (or indeed person) in America I would have laughed in derision. Ah, good times, good times…


Speaking of good times, here’s a photo of Cheney and Rumsfeld during their Nixon White House years:

Don’t they look happy smirky?


Both ends of the Axis of Evil right there. Well, a lot of the world revolved around them for a while…


Fux News is on it!


Sarah, I’m just glad you are being duped as a private citizen.


The Best and Brightest!


"Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."

Dick Cheney is the malice to Donnie’s stupidity.

…or is he…?


Well crap. I don’t want a Showtime subscription. I guess I’ll wait and see if the internet will do what the internet does…


Oh come on woman. You were a dupe long before that guy ever scheduled that interview.


And yet if James O’Keefe does something like this they hold it up as good investigative journalism. Maybe Cohen is just a prankster, but at least he’s funny, whereas O’Keefe is dishonest and stupid and not even remotely funny.


Sarah Palin has been fooled into doing far, far worse: playing a lead role in the documentary film Iron Sky:


Reminds me of the old Eddie Murphy SNL skit where he goes undercover as “Mr. White.”


Cheney still skis in jeans.


Well, the comments on that link have already decided on the narrative.

‘Why does he have to mock a disabled veteran?’ - as said by people who have not watched it, of course. Ensuing outrage can help ensure that they don’t have to notice their leaders/heroes are shown to be morons.


She’s too stupid to be a Nazi.


I used to say that about Trump. Now, I’m not so sure.


Can she not see Russia from her house?


Now if only Sean Hannity will get waterboarded with the signed water jug.



Also, where?

And what, right? Previously covered in on bOING: