A Russian spy's story of fear, blackmail and betrayal

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One night with Venus; a lifetime with Mercury Putin.


Wait - guys who get compromised can be tuned? Well - there goes the Trump cabinet.


I think that the scandal has to be hidden for it work as a lever. The Trump Klan are all seem to be either proud or in total denial about their various appalling behaviour.


Yup, it’s hard to compromise someone who obviously doesn’t give a fuck or have any shame.


Of course, if they’re shameless and selfish enough, you don’t need to compromise them. Just suggest you’re going to let them build a hotel in Moscow or something…


Here’s a link to the longread version for anyone who, like me, prefers text:


That is absolutely creepy. Whether Deniss Metsavas’s gives an honest recounting of what happened to him is hard to guess. If it is the truth it classic in it’s premise, Russia playing the long game of getting the girl trained and hoping for a hook-up with someone worth using and then using him. Maybe he’s the consummate actor but the part about disappointing his family and the little guy graduating from high before he’s free, that looked painful. I also was thoroughly creeped out by his eyes and his somehow vague resemblance of Putin.

I can sympathise… but he should have had the decency to not pursue promotions while he was in the GRU’s grip.
The forgivable thing to do would be to let his career fade into insignificance, for example ask to be transferred to janitor service or to be appointed to Estonia’s least interesting geographical location.


Second sentence needs a proofread

The honey trap is a technique as old as espionage. I’d be especially wary of anyone coming onto me in a foreign country, 10x so if it were Russia.


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