A ship launch goes terribly wrong




That’ll buff right out…

Oh, wait…

We’ll get you a nice prosthetic eye and cosmetic surgery for your various facial scars.


In WWII, when the US was launching cargo ships at a truly prodigious rate, the christening of the ship was worked down to a fine art. The honor went to some local woman of good reputation (remember, this was the 40’s).

But it was really, really bad luck for the bottle of champagne to not break in the christening, and sailors were notoriously superstitious.

Consequently, there came to be a secondary role assigned to a strong fellow with a good throwing arm. His job was to make sure the bottle broke against the prow of the boat, even if he had to throw it like a baseball as the ship slipped away down the ramp.


Wow. Time for a new OSHA supervisor.


I notice that the ship launch went off like gangbusters. It’s the local observation of the ship launch that went terribly awry.


not mine: https://imgur.com/DZOCung.gif

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Saw something similar in the video of the tear -down a warehouse. They pushed over the second floor wall and as it peeled away a section started to rotate. When it hit the ground, it ejected a stream a concrete block across the parking lot, killing the cameraman.



And we thought Dr. Banner had it tough when he got irradiated.


Remember when people from OSHA and the EPA would be the villains in videogames (HardHat Mack) and movies (Ghostbusters)?


And we thought Dr. Banner had it tough when he got irradiated.


Classic "Murphy’s Law’’ at work.


Ugh! I wanted to make a joke about ‘don’t stop there, show us what happens next!’ But that looks truly terrifying!


I think this is one of those rare occasions when ‘did he died’ is a most appropriate response.


Per the reddit post "I may have been at this ship launch. If it is the same one, the person did not die, but was knocked unconscious. "


The dev-ops subtitles really make it…


The launch from other angles, including slo-mo.

According to the wptv.com article,

The photographers suffered bumps and bruises and another person suffered a broken leg, the Today Show reported.


That looked and sounded cheerful enough, from the not-being-rained-wet-splintery-death-upon angles at least. I’d use that version in the company end of year report.


The power, what power?


My first though was…

Goblin Bowie kinda trumps it though.


Does it count if the bottle stays intact but the ship gets smashed?