A socialist candidate for Minneapolis city council has broken all fundraising records through individual $25 donations


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Is she a socialist or a democratic socialist? Honestly, the anti-socialist propaganda from the cold war pretty much makes anyone running as even a democratic socialist a non-starter for state and national elections.
Democratic Socialism needs a re-branding. I like ‘The Cooperative Party’.


I’m from St. Paul, and I hate to admit that I have not heard of her. Strange…even the Minneapolis mayoral election, 2017 wikipedia page does not list her.

Oops --City Council, not Mayoral, candiate…


When it comes, it looks like this. TGOP going to shit there pants come the Mid-Terms.


We can only pray.


Er, The Intercept is saying a median donation of $25, not average. AFAIK, the average donation is approximately $75 (140000 / 1860).












Oh noes!
Somebody better surpress the vote, stat!


…that they shit in their mouths and die. Sorry. I loath these idiots.


Goddam Coopies.



To anyone who came of age before Glasnost, socialism means Soviet bread lines and gulags. To those who came of age after, it means Scandinavia kicking our asses in every measure of quality of life.

Millennials are a bigger voting block than Boomers, and they’re desperate for political change. I am quite certain that a socialist could win at this point.


Democratic Socialism vs Social Democracy, did anyone work out what the difference was supposed to be?
Speaking from a European perspective, trying to carve out a distinction between the two terms seems like a waste of energy.


Everyone has their own definitions, but to me the SocDems are one step to the right of the capitalist/socialist divide. DemSocs to the left of them, Liberals to the right of them.

SocDem policies are outwardly similar to those of mild DemSocs, but power stays in the hands of the wealthy instead of the majority.



“Coop! Der it is!”


If we could just get more of them off their asses and to the polls!

Is this where I say, “We can only pray!”, again?


“Here I am, stuck in the middle with you…”


I can never get behind the fundamentalist view of socialism or the extreme application of any system really. I feel there is a nice middle ground where democratic socialism applies only to the state and not to private interests. I also tend to move on when someone compares a political system with an economic one such as socialism vs capitalism as if the two are somehow mutually exclusive.

As someone who came of age before Glasnost, I’m gonna call bullshit on this one. Sorry Mike.


I’m sure the idea of libertarian democratic socialists will make a few heads explode, even though it is a very old philosophy.

Socialism is an economic system, giving workers ownership of the means of production and ending the alienation of labour. Are you talking about welfare which was introduced in Britain by that well known socialist Winston Churchill, and government healthcare which was introduced in Germany by that renowned communist Otto von Bismarck?