A 'Space Force' recruitment video via Jimmy Kimmel


Like some kind of latter day SA?


The first Space Force recruits have arrived for basic training…


I think the Space Force is just cover to take away from Nasa’s budget which includes a lot of environmental studies.


I would have been thrilled by this announcement!

In 1951, when I was nine.



NASA doesn’t want it; the DOD doesn’t want it; the AirForce really REALLY doesn’t want it, Congress doesn’t want it; the Booster Belt Pork Barrel Squad doesn’t want it; Mark Kelley thinks it’s stupid, and General Mattis’s tight-lipped responses are funnier than shit – it’s about all he can do to keep from spitting in disgust.

But, yeah, for now, “We’ll study that very carefully” – um, yep, you betcha, very very slowly and carefully and methodically – to placate the Orange One – but the chances of it actually ever happening are somewhere between slim and none.


OK, but there will need to be a warning in case someone finds it.

This place is not a place of honor…no highly esteemed deed is commemorated here… nothing valued is here.

What is here is dangerous and repulsive to us.




If Trump has a Space Force, I’ll be with the pirates, thanks.


Trump will supply the “Pew! Pew” sounds:


Is it? Unless my understanding of orbital mechanics is lacking (and I’m fairly certain it is), we just need to fire a rocket in the retrograde direction of Earth orbit, and if we can cancel enough orbital inertia, the rocket will fall into the sun. How much rocket fuel would that take?




A lot! The Earth orbits around the Sun at about 30 km/s. You need about 10 km/s to put a spacecraft in orbit around the Earth. The energy per unit of mass to make something fall into the Sun would be about 16 times that needed to put it into orbit. As an example, the Parker Solar Probe, that is supposed to be launched in a little more that 24 hours from now, will use one of the most powerful launch vehicles in service, the fiery Delta IV Heavy, and supplement it with a third stage solid rocket booster for extra kick, but will still have to perform seven flybys of Venus in order to shrink its orbit and get close to the Sun. As I have said before, Venus is a much better target if you want to get rid of nasty stuff.:wink:



Roger that!

@GagHalfrunt: I do miss R. Lee already.




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