A stationary exercise bike that looks like an old school cruiser


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It makes me very happy that you found this nifty product via Pee Wee.


Yeah, every time I read or hear the word “exercise,” my brain sees or hears “extra fries.”


Those obstacles better include racist white people, cause that’s what I think of when I think of a “1950’s town”. The app really should be about riding your bike in attempt to escape that Leave It To Beaver-dystopia Trumpists think of when pining for the days when America was “great”, the last era before Jim Crow was dismantled (or rather, before it was transformed into the War on Drugs and mass incarceration of minorities and poor people). But since the bike is stationary, the attempt to escape is impossible, and the game ends with the rider realizing that they’re actually stuck in their own terrible era, and that it’s finally time to get up and do something about it.


You must be fun at parties.


Believe me, parties for me are a real problem.


So $800 to simulate a $100 bicycle?


Schwinn’s Airdyne exercise bikes were my favorites to use, and Pleasantville the game might be fun to play on that particular Schwinn exercise bike.

I had a paper route as a kid, but it was in a huge apartment complex so I didn’t ride a bike but I got a good cardio workout lugging my shoulder-bag full of newspapers up and down all of those stairs 7 days a week.


Dammit…when am I going to get the ‘milk shoots out nose’ button?


It’s cheaper than one day at this simulated town:

Fake 50’s town for dementia/alzheimers sufferers


Neat, but I can’t help but look at it and see a $200 stationary bike with $600 worth of branding.

“ride through a 1950’s town while escaping klansmen & avoiding segregated businesses” didn’t test well as marketing copy, apparently.



I would buy it if the connected app/game were more like Grand Theft Auto, but on a bike in a 1950s town.


He’s guaranteed to be more fun than anyone who’s ever uttered the phrase “You must be fun at parties.”


The woman in the first photo looks like Betty Draper with long hair, and thinking on that character really kills the time-tourism aesthetic for me. Ech.


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