I have been riding my homebrew Peloton for 5 years now

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You can get a solid 10 inch Android tablet for like $150. Look up the Teclast brand on Amazon.


@jlw - am I reading the first two sentences correctly, or did you write this in 2024?


Covid has obliterated my time sense. I am continuously like “was that 6 months ago or 3 years ago?”


Too bad you couldn’t take that view along with you.

Four years ago… No, it was yesterday.

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I could not be happier to be out of there. That kind of isolation pre-pandemic was hard after 10 years, thru the pandemic I would have lost my mind.


Because of your article on this (and the sale they had at the beginning of COVID), I got this bike. I’ve been using it for nearly 2 years now.
But based on my experience, I’d have to disagree with you. I would not recommend this to anyone - and I kind of regret getting it. I won’t go into all the issues I’ve had, but suffice to say, I strongly recommend spending a few extra bucks and going with magnetic resistance over friction resistance. The friction pad has caused me nothing but difficulty. Your mileage may vary, but I’d definitely go magnetic. Other than that, I really like the company & the bike. Just not quite this edition of the bike.

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Perhaps the pads are of super differing quality (looks like leather and foam) I dunno. I like mine better than the magnetic ones at a gym I was paying for classes mid-move. I guess I got lucky.

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Horses for courses, as the British say. I spent a chunk of the pandemic isolating just a few miles north of there, in a place that in healthier times is often lousy with tourists, and couldn’t have been happier with the isolation.


I got this bike in 2015 and added Wahoo sensors right after the first iteration of this article came out. I’ve had to replace the pedals and that’s it. What a fantastic investment. I’ve ridden it two to three days a week for the last seven years. Not a bad buy at all.


Do the gel pads go wooden (plasticizing) maybe?

I’m glad you posted this because I am actually just setting up my custom Jasoton this week and I wanted to thank you! Got the Sunny Bike on sale for like $179 CAD or something ridiculous like that. Delivery was free??? My brother in law has a peloton. His review of the Sunny bike: “I’m rattled”


Don’t have my app set up yet but my husband has been spinning while watching ds9, which seems to work for him

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