Happiness and fitness come from my DIY-Peloton: the 2020 update

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I bought this bike five years ago, ride it two or three days a week. I’m a big fan.

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THANK YOU for posting the “bug” video! This was part of a routine my physical therapist gave me years ago for my lower back (pinched disk), and I lost track of it. That, and planks, and a couple other moves are things my back is crying out for again.

I’ll admit I’m not a Peloton fan just because of their terrible yelling ads, but I do need an ass-kicking to get back into an exercise routine of some sort. Especially now, bleh; gots The COVID anxiety.

don’t tell Cory you are still using an ancient iPad 2 !! :slightly_smiling_face:

Missing from the Peloton setup: The looming, probably-abusive spouse.

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How much is Peloton charging monthly?
Nevermind, engaged search skills: 12.99/month

For those that are paying that, what makes it worthwhile for you?

I vaguely remembered this from the first time it was posted and I think now is the time to give it a try based on your experience.

So spending the extra $50 on the 9 extra pounds in the flywheel (49 vs 40) is definitely worth it? Because right now that’s a whole lot these days.

Fortunately I have the pedals and shoe and even ant sensor from the road bike sitting here because way too dangerous to go out anymore even before covid drivers were getting way way too distracted and drifting into bike lane.

ps. and belt model vs chain is for extra quiet right

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I like the classes, music and instructors. I used to make up my own classes and watch Twitch streamers but the HR, cadence and calorie meters say I work 2x as hard with the classes.

I think the extra nearly 20% is worth it – I have used a bike with a 44lb fly wheel and felt the difference when changing cadence enough I noted it.

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