A Stealthy Trojan Horse For Fitness

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Seriously, what we need is more $200 pieces of crap in our lives.
Perhaps BB would be well served by an editorial policy of ‘n’ cultural postings per product placement or ?


Call me when they release a digital version of this



Yeah, came to say this: if the problem is your kid is playing too much with the Nintendo Switch, take away the fucking Switch. No one forced you to buy a Switch.

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“let’s you”? Seriously?



There’s no question that Gamification has resulted in many people doing things they otherwise wouldn’t do. Anything that can make physical exercise “fun” is a positive in my book.

Parents have been doing that forever - “Do X and you’ll get Y”, or otherwise rewarding good behaviour. This is just another way to do so, in a mechanism that happens to resonate with some segment of the population (as a kid I was fascinated by every digital version of whatever I could get my hands on and would almost certainly have loved this).

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The sight of that “let’s” is indeed a “ridiculous site”. And advertisement is shortened to “advert”, which is shortened to “ad”, whereas “add” is what you do to two numbers to make a bigger one.
(@michael_borys @Trenion)

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I understand your comment for sure but here’s the thing, this is not product placement. The truth is my Nephew is a bit overweight and from the look of things, this may help him to turn a corner. Nothing up until now has worked really and I’m pretty emotional about that.


Late stage capitalism. I’m going outside.


This would be a more interesting product if the plank body position had more of a relationship to what was going on in the game, like if it were a hangliding sim or something, that way, the better and longer you hold the position, the more you feel like a strong character who has developed the skill your brain amd eyes are experiencing.

I always thought it would be cool to do VR database management, with metaphorical physical movements of editing and searching through rows, linking foreign keys, physicall creating columns, etc…

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You take 22 pounds off that chap and he’d be stick thin.

The most stealth fitness product I’ve ever seen was Pokemon Go.

My roommate hates cardio, and he took to walking 5-10 miles a day during the craze. People usually don’t eyeball distance right unless they’ve done a lot of miles on foot before, so I quizzed him once–and he listed a place he went that I’ve done many times on bike or on foot. (And also have driven to for fishing)



Not a product placement? See figure 1, the Amazon link with encoding for partner credits (pay to BB). I don’t specifically mean to call you out for shilling, but a quick look at your posting history shows a lot less critical analysis than I’d expect from a BB contributor.

if you are really really good, it will let you store it in the attic/crawlspace/garage with the other craptastic exercise equipment that promised we’d be in shape without effort if only we purchased them.


i’m fairly certain those get added onto amazon links automagically.

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