A symphony orchestra in masks and helmets perform for Hong Kong's protesters

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/09/11/glory-to-hong-kong.html


Was that tear gas smoke wafting through the ensemble? It lent an important and relevant visual effect to the arrangement and performance. (And I’m glad most were wearing proper gas masks!)


Orchestra “performs.” Subject, meet verb.

cory’s still getting the hang of this writing thing, be nice

Maybe it’s one of those “American English” vs British or Canadian English differences.

“The group are all here.”

The British seem more inclined to use a plural verb (“are”) in sentences like this than Americans are.


I find Mr. Doctorow usually has one error or typo in each posting. It actually clues me in that it’s his writing when I haven’t seen the name of the author of the post.

I’m convinced that each error is on purpose, a sort of easter egg for the reader.

I find it very charming.

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“Yeah it’s uh stego - to the balloon!”

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