A talk show host on "antifa" and how rich republicans hoodwink poor republicans in witty video

Maybe it’s the acute on the penult in a four syllable word? That assumes “Queen Latifah” is pronounced in one go. Either way the “Queen” and the “An” (in antifascist) get a secondary stress.

There were rules about this back when I took ancient Greek but it’s pushing decades and I was never much of a Hellenist.


I mean it is a foreign word. A German one to be exact. And it doesn’t have the long history in the US it has elsewhere. Until the right decided to use it as a bogeyman (like they did with woke or critical race theory) most people there wouldn’t have heard of it.

That said, the word is pretty self-explanatory, even in English.

It being a German word also means that as mentioned in this thread the pronunciation in the US is all wrong. It should be Unty-fah with a stress on the first syllable.


How about “fadjacent”? :laughing:


“When I joined the Fascists Getting Punched in the Mouth Party; I didn’t expect to get punched in the mouth!”


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As a rhetorical device, I simply don’t use the word “antifa” Replacing it in conversation with “anti-fascists” often throws people that scaremonger antifa for a bit of a loop. eg.
“Antifa is a violent organization!”
"Well some anti-fascists commit violent acts but it really isn’t an ‘organization’ per se.


I’d pay very good money to hear James Brown say UNty-fah, with accompanying pose.


You know just as well as I do, that’s totally by nefarious design; TPTB have been intentionally ‘dumbing down’ the masses for at least the last 75 years, making them easier to control and exploit.


You Know Who demanded an audit of the 2020 election results in Texas, and Czar Abbott promptly obeyed his lord & saviour’s order. Never mind that You Know Who won Texas… and it gets worse:
Yet More Ratfuckery by the Texas FDC
…[HWSNBN] threw support behind House Bill 16 filed by state Rep. Steve Toth, a staunch social conservative Republican from The Woodlands, which would allow for forensic audits of future elections as well as the 2020 presidential election.

So, they can change results they don’t like, after the fact.


You muddle the argument when you use non-specific language to appease those who bristle at being labeled with an extremely specific definition of their beliefs and activities. Therefore, we have specific language, so there is no ambiguity.


Of course, there is also the explanation that some people know precisely what fascism is and agree with it and embrace it. That’s part of this, too.

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if people object to being labeled for what they are activley promoting, then maybe they need to rethink their ideologies.


with such success that most on the left won’t go near it

I have to object to this statement. Leftist don’t seem to be avoiding the word antifa, although it would be correct to say that many Democrats certainly do. This message brought to you by the people for the periodic reminder that Democrats are (mostly) not leftists, nor even liberals. (They are, unfortunately, the best of some seriously bad choices.)


Oh, they’re liberals alright!

This is the other periodic reminder that “liberals” to the rest of the world roughly means what "libertarians " means in the US.


Oh, absolutely. I was separating the terms on purpose! In the US, at least, many who call themselves liberal often mean well, but they still buy into most of the harmful narratives, often unknowingly. I recently spotted this sticker on the back of a sign along a trail:

It seems that the person that put up these stickers (I’ve seen several around Kenosha) has their heart in the right place and wants to support the BLM protesters, but they’re still buying into the story being put out that BLM started the rioting here. (What’s the actual difference between a protest and a riot? Who’s reporting the story, of course.)


Even in the UK, where the liberals were social liberals for most of the 20th century, we are going back to that.


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