A tech support scammer explains his trade

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/08/10/a-tech-support-scammer-explain.html

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Where he can then deal with the professional scammers in the corporations!


“Obama’s sky high illegal immigrants numbers are even taking our scamming jobs back in their own countries! Sad! Wall just got ten feet higher!” ~ Donald Trump, Twitter


Yes, by all means, make sure that you show how law-abiding you are by sticking to those contractual obligations. I’m sure your employer will do the same and never try to screw you over.


At least for a while there Dell was in bed with guys like this.

Hoaxing scammers - what an odd but cool hobby he has.

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Oh yeah, and they probably don’t have armed knee-breakers that know where he and his family live either. Yep, he’s totally free to leave at any time.

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I can’t help noticing the near monotone voices of both parties. They are both scammers just different sides. It is like they are withholding screams of pain with their poker demeanor.

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