A Texas brewery made a purple, glittery ale with Peeps


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You’d better believe that all glitter is edible, you don’t have a choice.
What it isn’t is digestible.





Drink peep beer and poop like a unicorn!


One of my good friends did this a few years ago when she was head brewer for a place in Colorado and made national news:


I’ve dissolved peeps in hot chocolate. It worked out okay despite the food coloring.


What a nightmare. They didn’t even use proper Peeps, which are yellow chicks, not purple rabbits, as any child over 40 can confirm.


I don’t know what this is; I only know it isn’t beer.


Agree wholeheartedly. Beer to me is water, malt, hops and yeast. Everything else is, well, something other than beer or wine. Maybe Gruit.

And yes, beer is very serious. It’s what keeps beer free from additives and preservatives.


The other day in the supermarket I saw Peeps Oreo cookies. After that, nothing matters.


That is a pretty good argument for this… though there are probably better ways to get that result.


More likely:


That involve getting drunk and stuff your gut with glitter all in one step? I doubt it.



I’m a trifle surprised that Peeps don’t interfere with brewing. All the sugar is fine; and the gelatin at least neutral; but potassium sorbate is what you add to keep fungi from messing with your product.

A matter of concentration, I guess.


I guess it all matters on whether they use top-fermenting or bottom-fermenting yeast. I’m betting the former, as craft brewers prefer ales.

edit: it says “glittery ale” in the title. Argh.


Then someone should have told these folks…


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