Beer Jelly


They really do just pick two words and put them together don’t they? Hey! How about opossum quiche?


What’s wrong with opossum quiche? I mean, obviously bacon is better, but that just leaves you with the general question of why you would ever make non-bacon quiche. I suppose you could make bacon opossum quiche.

I’ve had champagne jelly before, and thought it was really good. Not this vendor, though, so no endorsement.

Also, Costco no longer seems to stock bacon jelly (sniff).

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I just had a great idea to decant off-the-shelf liquid malt extract for beer kits into artisanal-looking stone bottles and sell it at farmers’ markets as Beer Syrup.

This idea is free, folks. Help yourself!


I think the dog butt in the background adds a certain element of class.

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This looks more like Beer Jam to me.

Beer Jello?

sadly, if you just steeped a bit of hops in it, you’d probably have a product. throw in some artificial smoke flavor as an option, too: omg, bacon beer syrup!

i made hop tea for brewing once, but found it was pretty cool to have something that looked like green tea and smelled like an IPA. i drank a few cups. not bad.

“It Must Be Jelly ('Cause Jam Don’t Shake Like That)”

Beer Belly Jelly?

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I picture this being too sweet and very bitter…

I’m disappointed they only used ales. I’ve had several stouts and even some barley wines that would make excellent jellies.

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I got some “Beer Belly Jelly” for Christmas last year, and it was really good. It preserves the character of the different beer types (Amber Ale, IPA, Porter) reasonably well, while still being good as jelly. The IPA could have been hoppier, but was otherwise good. They all work well along with other mild flavors (cream cheese, for example).

It was made by Colorado Mountain Jam, but they don’t seem to list it on their web site currently.

This site is one of the few places online that lists it, though I don’t know anything about this seller:

It may not be in production any more, I don’t know.

some malt extract does come pre-hopped! But it would be better as syrup plain. Malt extract was marketed for cooking use from prohibition to the legalization of home-brewing in 1978. here is a cookbook

I’ve had jalepno jelly, which is AMAZING. And jelly made from cactus, also delicious. And I’ve had beer mustard.

I think beer jelly is probably pretty good.


I’ve tried a few varieties of this line. Yes, there’s a stout option.
These are not for the faint of heart (or those who expect a gentle sweet taste like fruit jellies), but they are fun.

We bumped into these at a supermarket taste demo up in VT last summer and quite enjoyed them. Ended up buying three jars with different flavors, all of which were excellent.

I too am a fan of the dog butt :slight_smile: haha

It’s a good idea. But why are the labels so poorly designed? It makes me think you don’t care very much about the finished product. And the dog butt in the background? What’s up with that?

I’m guessing it’s one part marketing (cash in on that road-side stand cachet) and one part “people with the time and resources necessary to do this in a not-mass-market fashion probably have better things to do with their time and money than have spiffy labels.”

That said, the labels are pretty obnoxious.

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