Carvel's Cookie Puss is now beer

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How horrible.

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You can’t say they don’t know their audience

I’m guessing it was a reference to this joke at the start of that video


I see you have reached your personal limit of how much boingboinginess you can handle.


Going to Carvel is one of my fondest childhood memories.

Seeing the weird “Cookie Puss” commercials remains one of my most unsettling childhood memories.

(Still, nobody beats their ice cream cake, with those crunchy cookie bits between layers.)


Ok I’ve been nerding out over beer experimentation for a while, but really? No, no, no. We’ve come too far.

Cheap rye whiskey would be more appropriate, given how Tom Carvel sounded like he gargled with it once every hour.


Yes, Cookie Puss beer is a bridge too far.


Yeah the candy flavored stouts and IPAs are seldom very good. As much of a trend as they are, I’m not sure people actually like them much.

I sell a lot of this kind of stuff to bars and beer stores. At retail these things seem to be a novelty. No one ever buys more than a case and their customers mostly seem to buy them as singles.

In the geeky craft beer bars they move fast. But they mostly get poured in small sizes, tulip glasses. And people only ever seem to have one. Maybe two. So it definitely seems to be a try it because it’s so wacky then move on thing. Where they sell because everyone tries it.

Weirdly “cream pop” IPAs seem to be a thing. Fruit, lactose, and vanilla. Originally to mimic a creamsicle, but now they exist in a whole host of weird flavors that never existed at the ice cream truck. Raspberry, mango, guava. Despite also being a wacky novelty there’s now an entire brewery that just makes different flavors.

Doesn’t seem a sustainable business model.


I got the number anyway, baby…


Beat me to it.

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Came here for this. Was not disappointed. Actually never knew the origin of the title before.

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I think you mean Milkshake IPA.

No I mean creampop, creamsicle is a trademark so unless you’re Good Humor those things are labeled “orange creampop”.

The beers in question are intended to mimic the flavor of a creamsicle. Most of them are orange, but they iterate by swapping out the fruit. It’s definitely a subset of milkshake IPAs, but with a lot more fruit than you’d normally see. And usually a lot more sweetness.

That’s sort of how these limited release beers work. The majority of breweries just develop a handful of recipes. Then rotate a single ingredient in and out. Different fruit each time, or a different hop. These things generally don’t generate repeat sales over time, or attract enough regular drinkers to be available consistently. But releasing a completely new beer every few weeks is impractical. So they iterate on base recipes.

I’ve had a couple different Cpt Lawrence brews, they’re alright.
Nevertheless, neither this beer, nor cookie puss should exist.

It was a pretty bland light ale with a brief aftertaste of cookie dough. Not good, not terrible, just meh.

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