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meme fever


Jack Black in Demolition Man


Ron Burgundy Well, that escalated quickly


I like to steal shit from old threads…

Mandy Patinkin Princess Bride He is Inigo Montoya

Galaxy Quest Thermians They’re historical documents


At the risk of going all Tumblr, and despite how much of a creep he apparently was as a human, many kvj quotes do have their uses.


Did you ever want to play questions?


Don’t you mean:






But but but… I’ve put 20k into this slot machine! It’s gonna pay out any second now!

(My ex mother in law was like this. Every weekend at the casino, thankfully on the nickel slots but still she could blow through 100s in 2 hours.)


I saw a Viz Top Tip once about saving time on fruit machines.

Just take all the money you would spend on them, and post it to the company that makes them, along with a note asking them to send 70% of it back.


The funny thing is most of the slots are video games now with all sort of weird cumulative side games and quests. So if you know this you can just prowl the floor looking for a slot that has almost leveled up on the side game, play a couple rounds, level up, win a bunch of free plays and cash out. I could make 20 bucks last 4 hours this way. But I never got the “thrill” of “almost winning the jackpot”…


That sounds like a really fucking boring videogame to me. I’d rather just waste my money on a new computer that’ll be obsolete in another 2.5 years.


Meh. If it’s a “family outing” and you’re going to be there for a few hours anyway might as well enjoy it if you can. It’s either play the damn slots or people watch for hours a little game I call “3rd wife or daughter?” (Gender flipped works top! )


Technically the gambler’s fallacy: “I can’t lose 20 times in a row! That’s not how math works! I’m due to win!”

Turns out statistics DGAF about your cognitive errors and have no obligation to not give you a losing streak you can’t sustain.


Just double your stake every bet. You’re guaranteed to walk out with whatever your original stake was!


This has suddenly gone unacceptably off-topic!

Where are muh sweet sweet static images?