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It’s called limiting ones ecological footprint you first world twit!




Father Jack / Silhouette / Nightmare Fuel


That moment was cringing to watch. I can’t believe he spent that much time insulting them and then in the next breath saying how he looks forward to re-establishing trade relations post-Brexit. Did this man stop emotionally maturing after the age of 12?


Just a reminder that it is important to have rules, but it is vital to have proper exceptions…


I’m not sure if anyone will ever want to use this reaction image, but here it is:

who cares pecker growth bubba ho tep bruce campbell elvis


Special thanks @Melizmatic for the inspiration:

#tsa / unfuck / police-state / usa / homeland-insecurity


This one’s for any nation-state/province/state/prefecture in which egalitarian legalization of cannabis is on the ballot:

#cannabis / weed / pot / marijuana / drug-legalization / drug-war / pragmatism


I like it; good job!



I have so many silly pictures I’d love to share.


The images don’t show identical or even very similar situations, but they leave a strong impression.

Baton Rouge



[ha, just realized all names start with a B. COINCIDENCE?]




By request:


rules are there for a reason


Each of these are to scale.

Earth to the moon.



It only calls for air guitar if the kid shares, right?