A thread of our own- misogyny

Oh, I agree. My only point is that this need to control other people tends to persist after whatever the current goal is achieved. Once women are under control (:face_vomiting:) they move onto whatever the next “substandard” group in need of controlling. And once the law is settled, it stops being about cultural capital, but about real capital. If you have the money to hire the lawyers to push an issue, it can rapidly become “how can you let the conservative Xtians discriminate against women and not allow me to discriminate against (insert oppressed group of choice here). It is all about religious and moral free-dumb after all!”



ties nicely in with this:


The first woman in the 190 year history of the newspaper.


Yeah, there were a lot of really stupid and really obviously misogynistic reactions to Rey. Plus all the whining about having a black ex-stormtrooper as one of the good guys. Plus the people who were so freaking mad about General Hux and the First Order overall having a really strong alt-right, neo-Nazi vibe.

I’m a Star Wars fan myself, but I could do without a good chunk of the fandom.


The usual “taken out of context” excuses, but, seriously?


Now I’m worried that I’ve gotten so used to period pain, I’ll dismiss it if I ever have a heart attack… :worried:

Although I’ve only had period pain so bad I was on the floor a couple of times… if I don’t take ibuprofen, it can get pretty intense, though. And my sister did have endometriosis and was put on birth control at a young age for it…


Actually, I wonder if that is not a factor in the delay of recognition of MIs in women. (Pediatricians don’t deal with MIs as a rule, so that really is a question. I have no idea.)


If you don’t want to click on the link, they were using the evidence taken due to the rape as an excuse to make the 14-year-olds compare chromosome reports.


Now that I am used to the kidney stone pain I wonder what thing I will dismiss that I really should pay attention to cause it isn’t as bad.


Ouch, sorry to hear that. Don’t they ultrasound those things away?


Nope, doctors are not immune to being sick bastards (not that there was ever a question on that)

The story is more about the minimalization of the accusations by TPTB. The doc was arrested for sexual assault and allowed to go back to work as an OB-GYN afterwards? Should a pediatrician be working after arrest for pedophilia? Come on, world. This is wrong on so many levels.


Only when they are still in the kidneys and oddly I never notice them there. Once in the ureter if they are too big it is a little tube with cutters going in the hard way to break it up or if small enough they send you home with good drugs and tell you do drink fluids till your eyes are floating. So far I have had the latter. Also even when they break it up in the kidney it still hurts like when passing.


So I’ve heard, or rather, read.

Best of luck, hope someone’s willing to hold your hand while this too, um, passes!



“The simple attire, nerdy glasses and attractive female is about the best look for all of those needs that we could find,” he said. “Cute is a must.”
Oster said it needed to be “approachable” and “not too intimidating… she needs to look cute and unassuming to the public because she is a weapon, an assassin in litigation, and people will fear her.”
“The danger is that gendering robots may reinforce gender inequalities by hardening current stereotypes.” A U.N. report published last year urges against making digital assistants female by default. “The more that culture teaches people to equate women with assistants, the more real women will be seen as assistants—and penalized for not being assistant-like," the researchers said in that study.


Apparently rollercoasters also work well. I don’t want the disease, but I wouldn’t mind if my doctor wrote me that prescription.




Misogyny and racism in one rotten package: a police investigation and some investigative journalism revealed that a young woman had had both of her fallopian tubes removed/damaged without her knowledge. It happened at the specific instructions by the hospital’s head surgeon - who is well-known for being openly racist, and who allegedly (confirmed by multiple sources) told the surgeon performing the procedure to “remove both from that filthy gypsy so she can’t make more of her kind.” (Link to article, in Hungarian - sorry I couldn’t find any English language articles)

According to investigation the woman was diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy, and it appears that the hospital even had the results of the examinations falsified so that they could operate on her. Investigation into her histopathology/etc. results didn’t show signs of an ectopic pregnancy, independent gynecologists and experts all denied that she showed symptoms of it, and all said that even if there was a chance for that, they shouldn’t have operated on her right away, without trying to make sure.

To make this even more disgusting: she was never told about her fallopian tubes being removed. This incident happened 3 years ago, and she only learned about what happened to her when she was recently contacted by the police who were investigating reports against the hospital and the head surgeon, about Romani women getting sterilized without their knowledge or consent.

Extra irony: the woman in question is not, in fact, Romani.


God damn, I hate this timeline.



Silly woman! Stand your ground laws are for (white) men!