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Uh oh, you’re completely out of touch with the org? TR549791 was superseded MONTHS ago by Tr549791, and you acknowledged the changed SOP.

You shouldn’t waste that much time in marketing, even if the coffee there is still free.

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I’d like to remind everyone that the merging of the thread you mentioned re:Tr549791 is still in committee. I suspect it is an honest mistake.

But that leads to my second point. I shall be reproposing the addition of reorientation classes for all members between two and twelve years of applied seniority. Those that don’t meet that standard shall go through the normal Orientation Normalization class, and those that exceed that standard shall proceed directly to Orientation Thought Shower Creation Orientation.

Debbie, can you take minutes? No? Can Mike then? Mike is also a no?

Fine, I’ll take minutes and post them in the minutes thread.


Thanks to out BYOD policy I’ll be using my own tools

“Stage those goddamn minutes first!!!” -shouted Jorge over the cube wall when he saw your post.

What in living hell. That is totally against company policy.


Ha! I know your “minutes”. Let’s do this directly in the days thread, this will save the bureaucratic overhead for all the needed CRs.


Subclause 3 of the BYOD policy states that tool is a synonym for device. The document was released without the ACK of the linguistic work group thread.

Bylaw Xz239948.08 from the September 2015 revision v. 64.20b states:

“Employees may not use their own tools at any time while performing company duties.”

And it has a little legend below it in fine print:

employees: those who maintain employment with this company use: manipulating, touching, thinking about own: those items in personal possession purchased privately tools: hardware, software, implements or thoughts time: the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole performing: doing, or thinking about doing duties: tasks, or considering lists of tasks

But don’t let me stop you. I’ll start the paperwork.

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Sorry, is that inclusive of 12, or exclusive? If inclusive, is 12 years the upper bound, with 12 years and one day or excluded, or do we mean “anything shy of 13 years by a pico-second”?

And really, is this “applied” or “combined” seniority?

I find your lack of precision to be disturbing.


Planck time.



Oh no, we have been double-Darthed.

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HR has spoken to you about this several times.

  1. We find your lack of faith in this company to be disturbing.
  2. Medical conditions, and their attendant hardware, are not appropriate fodder for workplace “humor”.
  3. We are Sith-Americans, and proud of it.

If you took half as much pride in your tasks we wouldn’t be cleaning up messes like this in the first place.

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haw haw haw. Are you going to finish delivering the mail or do I have to call Shiela your supervisor down in the mail room again?

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An argument amplifier! This will be very helpful for the next board meeting.

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I have confirmation from HR that those responsible for the sacking have been sacked. It’s been a rough week, but with enough vim, vigor, emacs, and vinegar I think we can pull through.


Will this be a single-malt vinegar, @japhroaig?

TO: Operations, Support, Support Operations, Operations Support, Standards, Standard Operations, Auditing
FROM: Compliance
CC: All
Subject: Approved editor
Priorty: HIGH

It has come to our attention that non-standard editors have been installed on some of our systems. Vi is provided with the core distribution, and is sufficient for all text editing needs. Please remove non-standard editors such as vim, emacs, pico, ed, and nano. Compliance will be verified in the next audit, and will be weighed in team rankings for the next quarter.

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but but but - I like notepad.exe.

Point of Order - The Catalog Thread is already run on punch cards, so your text editors all need a punching upgrade.

Notepad++ only needs a plugin.