A Titan sub documentary has already aired and viewers had 'uneasy reactions': 'Too soon'

Originally published at: A Titan sub documentary has already aired and viewers had 'uneasy reactions': 'Too soon' | Boing Boing


They were a reasonably respectable news organisation once. Channel 5 has always been sensationalist crap though.


Too soon? More like too late now that I know nearly everything about the incident, having been bombarded with the news for a week. No time to waste there’s another tragedy due any minute.


Please don’t tell us details about this event. We don’t want to know about the gross safety deficiencies, or the intentional avoidance of basic marine safety… or even be informed of the distasteful personality types of those involved, nor their ego-aggrandizing efforts that relied on rooking similar-thinking types into their scheme. No, spare us from the glare of truth, the light of day, the painful reality of fucking around and finding out. Leave us with our blissful ignorance that there’s no blame to assign and in fact, no way to prevent such a similar tragedy in the future.


“Vile, tasteless and utterly appalling of them.”

Which is why I’d assumed it was some Yankistani network what done it.

That is an excellent point, one with which I entirely concur. However, they shouldn’t’ve begun airing the thing before an actual conclusion was reached, and they could’ve waited a few DAYS for the families to come to grips with this rich man’s shitshow.


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