Debris was found in area where Titan sub went missing

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Is it okay that I don’t care at all about this story?

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Honestly… yeah. It is. It’s sad that people lost loved ones, but as you (and others) have noted in other places, the ongoing disaster of migrants crossing the Mediterranean, where lots of people are dying, gets nowhere near the coverage this is getting… Which is infuriating, given how many more people die in one of those incidents.


It came up at work today and any time it did, everyone was laughing and making jokes.

Nobody actually cares about them. Everyone hates billionaires and techbros.


They should use an ROV to send them a nice cake. As in, “let them eat cake”.


I feel bad, but news flash: there may or may not be news makes things kind of hard to care about at the best of times. Some of their own families would rather see concerts instead while media hyper-fixates.

It is going to finish soon though, for good or ill, while the migrant losses will sadly still be there. :cry:


Fixed that bit.


And how often it keeps on happening. This is Europe’s gun massacres: something that happens over and over again that the politicians do nothing about when it is in their power to do so.


This especially. And it’s been happening now for years. It’s utterly sickening how much attention the deaths of a few wealthy people are compared to that.


I kind of feel the same way. I feel for the families involved with the sub and have followed the story, but only really done so through the lens of “fuck around and find out”. I didn’t pay attention to the story until I came across a headline containing the CEO"s quote regarding regulation.

That’s the story that fills me with grief. It’s not just the tragedy itself, but the overall indifference of so many people.


Yes, you are welcome not to care! But, as we often say in these topics, please don’t comment to that effect. I know it’s not your intent here to do any of the following, but too often in topics that are important to people, somoene has to step in to point out how this “isn’t important to them” or “their music isn’t good anyway” or ask “why doesn anyone care about soandso” or whatever.


This, though, is an important point, and a sad truth about journalism in general that I’ve never personally been able to reconcile. I mean, people don’t get lost in subs every day, but if migrants built and tried to cross in a sub and it was lost, it almost certainly wouldn’t get this coverage. :frowning:


That the politicians actively attempt the wrong thing – at nearly every opportunity.


I think that it is only “interesting” in the public because it is a novel way to go at the site of a iconic and historic shipwreck for a few billionaires in extremely dangerous conditions. Is it irony? I don’t know.


This story has captured so much attention because it is so unusual and unique, and titanic, and the “ticking time bomb” story plot, and sketchy tech, etc.

I think the billionaire part of it is not even an interesting part of the story.

Right, so about the debris I was wondering if the submersible did “pop” catastrophically, would the bodies be free to rise to the surface or not. I read here that

“Now we have a very good idea of how bodies break down underwater,” Anderson said. This kind of research helps solve mysteries such as the “floating feet” found wearing running shoes that have washed up along the West Coast in recent years. In fact, it’s quite normal for ocean scavengers to gnaw off feet, and the running shoes simply make the body parts float, Anderson said.

I heard they didn’t wear shoes inside the cabin. Next group of millionaires might want to rethink that next time!

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The actions of billionaires have led the causes of climate change and war, yet thousands of people suffering are left to drown, alone and unaided, while they search for new homes, whereas the billionaire who chose to go to sea in a cheap submarine for fun gets all the news.

Oh no, I hope his investments are safe :pleading_face:


Hopefully people will learn from this tragedy (people dying horribly from misinformed choices/willful ignorance) , but some people probably won’t.

Learn from this.
Move on.

Do good things to help in the world to lessen suffering, do so without expecting recognition or reward.


This was the most likely outcome - I wonder what the knocking sound that was supposedly heard was? I also wonder how long (and how many resources) will be spent to continue looking, even after the air would have run out. (I mean, some of the survivors might have killed the others to extend their oxygen - they might still be alive!)

And worse, people who do try to respond, to save migrants, are actually being prosecuted. The media attention tells you how the media views the relative worth of the wealthy vs. poor immigrants (one rich person > 100 refugees), but the fact that saving some people is actually criminalized is a whole other horror.
(And really, if one of those things is going to be banned, surely spending lots of resources to save rich people who put themselves on an unnecessarily dangerous craft to go do something dangerous, on purpose, is more worth banning than saving people who are forced onto dangerous craft to try to find safety.)

And given that was the public information about the company, it’s not like the rich customers could be unaware of the danger they were putting themselves in. They were thrill-seeking, knowing it was dangerous but expecting “someone” would save them if it went wrong. It’s summed up by the acting head of the company angrily demanding that the US government go save these people (and if they didn’t, he had the names of government employees “responsible” for these deaths) after the CEO made all these statements about how they couldn’t abide by safety regulations and similar government interference because they were too constraining. It’s maddening.

If it imploded, I don’t think there would be anything resembling a body to be found.


People getting killed by hubris and not taking adequate safety precautions on the way to visit the remains of a ship famous entirely for getting destroyed by hubris and not taking adequate safety precautions? Complete with the CEO talking about how safety was overdone? I think the only way there could be any more irony would be if someone commented about god himself not being able to stop the sub.


And this is the answer to why this story is getting so much coverage, while the infinitely more tragic yet more mundane story of the disaster with the migrant ship is not. It possesses an almost literary irony.

You’d hope the rescue efforts would be immune to such qualities, but apparently not.