A tour of the new and improved Gitmo


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This line from her essay is going to leave a mark:

“In the guards’ chow hall, NBC anchors fretted about Miley Cyrus’s twerking. What would America tell its children?”

I’m glad Molly is continuing to report on Gitmo. Her drawings really give a sense that Gitmo is a place outside of time and outside of society. It is a place you put people to forget about them. And it is a place that our government has tried to make us forget about as well.

Upgraded from hell-hole to nightmare.

“During pre-Gitmo briefings, guards listened to the 911 calls of New Yorkers who burned alive in the Trade Center.” And concentration camp guards probably watched the movie “The Eternal Jew”.

“Navy Chaplain Eddinger told me that in his six months working at here, not one guard has ever thought what they are doing might be wrong.” Qualifications include complete lack of empathy and no moral compass.


Sam, the head cook, poked at one of the six sample meals she’d prepared to show journalists. “They never say thank you,” she told me

I’m trying really hard to remember that there may have been some additional context to that remark that was left out. It still sounds like a perfect example of someone who has no business even owning a pet fish, let alone caring for prisoners.

Guards work 12 hours a day, with two more spent on mandatory group exercise.

Sounds like these guards need a union.

It sounds like the feds are running something close to a cult down there. Which, given that both flavors of entity value strong conformity, obedience, and unquestioning adherence to the moral authority of the leader, may not be an accident.

Ah yes. The comically entitled artist who calls herself Molly Crabapple, whose drawings and ‘art school’ are as derivative as her narrowly scoped world-view, visited Guantanamo and offers nothing new to the conversation other than the most sympathetic renderings of the prisoners and detainees there and not a single new idea for a way forward.
Useless. Pretty drawings, but vapid, vapid delivery.

This is one of the best articles on Gitmo that I’ve ever read. Do you have a better one to offer? And are you seriously suggesting that we need less coverage of Gitmo and not more, even if it rehashes some of the same points? Don’t you think those points desperately need to be made, again and again?

Whatever your personal gripes are with the author, she’s doing fantastic work here.

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I would accuse ‘GI Joe’, fearless keyboard warrior, of crass character assassination, except that assassins are stereotypically sneaky and subtle…

This is the second reply I’m making to this post. My first one seems to have vanished.

Single serving accounts that only say nasty things should be rudely and quickly disbanded.

From the article:
" Solzhenitsyn is banned, as are any books on prisons. The librarian told me, “I think you know why.” I didn’t, and I still don’t."

I think I know why. If the detainees knew how much better life in prison was, they’d be outraged.

“Leonato insisted that shackled prisoners consent to the feeding tube, and even become angry when their feedings aren’t prompt.”

I can’t imagine why any prisoner wouldn’t insist on a prompt feeding…

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