A tour of the Thief's Bazaar in Mumbai

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Is it just me or are travel videos which primarily focus on the traveller annoying? I mean great, you went some place interesting. Care to show that instead of your mug or is the narcissism too great?


Sure be nice to see the actual freaking marketplace rather than our genial host.

Hundreds of intriguing places being passed and we get his face.

I’m a sign geek, I’d love to just have a slow pan down all the signage. Or a good look at the infrastructure…lots of fascinating “things” everywhere.


I would have much preferred more B-roll footage and VO narration versus watching this dude walk around with a camera pointed at his face the whole time.

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It can be funny and endearing if it’s done unintentially…
But if it’s just a series of ‘look at me… look at me!’ moments… from an adult…


Selfie stick video journalism.

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