A train station with walls designed using cellular automata "Rule 30"


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/01/04/a-train-station-with-walls-des.html


In my teen years, I used to play with a suite of cellular automata DOS programs I downloaded from Rudy Rucker. This gets me thinking about those!


I remember that station was under construction in 2016. I’m sorry I missed it now. It looks great.


This is awesome! I love cellular automata, in fact I think here’s a good chance the multiverse IS one. Which is more or less the conclusion Wolfram comes to in A New Kind of Science.



Cool. The airport at Toulouse has a similar “cut-sheet” cladding in the new carpark extension, but it’s not as cool as this.


this building was designed according to “Rule 34”


So what happens when you apply rule 34 to rule 30? You know it’s going to happen.


dude, don’t do that! it’s like dividing by zero.


unfortunately they accidentally ended up with a bunch of QR Codes for PornHub and anyone with a cell phone that gets within 30 meters of the building starts streaming porn.


That looks so late 60s.


Sugar Shack?


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