A vending machine in a Moscow shopping mall sells Instagram likes

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Perhaps the ‘print your insta pic’ option is just there to phish the passwords off naive customers?
Their accounts could then be added to the fake follower network.


Cyberpunk as fuck.


Black Mirror “Nosedive” comes to mind.
So, what if…?
After you pay, the machine blackmails you to keep paying, or it will give you 3000 dislikes. Yeah, that could never happen right?


Well, I guess that explaines the recent rise in Russian style blackwork tattoos.

Maybe the machine doesn’t have the same artistic values as the person who purchased the likes and follows. Maybe they start tweaking the designs. Maybe they begin to appreciate the attention their revisions are getting. Maybe they decide to remove human Instagramer’s account access. Maybe this is all a carefully planned ploy, and if anyone checks the history of this vending machine, they will find absolutely no human involved at any point in it’s design, order, and eventual placement. Maybe we should evolve before it’s too late. Maybe it’s already too late. =(


This looks like something Banksy would leave on FyreFraud Island.

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Why “After”, though? Why not blackmail straight up, sounds simpler.

I have nothing of significance to contribute to this thread.

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