A video review of the upcoming book -- Original Art: Daniel Clowes

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Jim and Ed enthusiasm for comics is the best thing on youtube.


The opening page drawing of his studio is amazing (at 5:50)


$175 :sob: :sob: :sob:


I feel the same, but at least Clowes has the spine to put the price right on the cover, and not pull a bait-and-switch. This makes me at least consider the $175 price tag. Gotta be worth it, right?

I’ve been watching Jim and Ed going through old Wizards and it has been magical. I got to meet them recently as they were at a local shop for their anniversary. I WANTED to get some Hip Hop Family Tree and Street Angle books there, but earlier that day my fucking car ran over A PILE OF FUCKING ROCKS on the highway and blew out two tires. (With the kiddo in the car on the way to school :confused: ) A tow truck ride and a long as wait, I got 3 new tires (had two new tires on there, and so got rid of the old ones for even wear). Even though one was free, I was still tapped out of most of my fun money. God damn it.

Still, got my X-Men Grand design signed and bought my first Street Angel to get signed. :slight_smile:


Oh it’s worth it, I just can’t afford it!

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