Good price on Calvin Klein T-Shirt 5-pack

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What, you didn’t go with the Neil Gaiman cosplay starter kit?


Man - I was tempted as my undershirts like 15 years old + at this point… but the reviews are not good.

There are reasons why these prices are “good”.
Here’s one.


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Now that I think about it there’s no way a person in the 50s wouldn’t have been able to distinguish between a maker’s label and a name tag unless they were colossally stupid.

Weird, that scene had never struck me as unrealistic before.

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Well, the rest of the film isn’t exactly Cinéma vérité either…

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Was this sarcastic?
I’m not a label-hater, by any stretch, but I’ve had those t-shirts, and I don’t even think this ‘sale’ price is a good value. Sorry - not trying to throw shade… just honest feedback and MHO. ($59.50 was the price shown to me when I followed the link, and it’s possible it’s gone up since you shared - was that the price you were intending to share?)

Yes, when he posted them they were about $6 each. Not a bad price. The review scared me off, though.

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