Re-issue of 1990 bOING bOING T-shirt


Saaaay, is this some sort of Illuminati coded message?

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So, congratulations, 1990 you! That 1990 $12 is worth $21.20 today. Your procrastination has saved you money again!

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“…so she can buy precious smart drugs…”

Wow, haven’t heard of smart drugs in quite a while. I remember when Mondo 2000 and Wired were going on and on about having brushier dendrites. Guess boing boing was part of the hype too.

In the good old days of vasopressin inhalers and lecithin supplements. I like the illumination reference, I may have to buy this.

“Regular” and “ladies?” Ummm…

Yay! A second bOING bOING shirt that isn’t a black T-shirt!


I’m sorry, but in 2038 the prices should obviously revert back to 12/13/1901 prices!

So Cool!
You know I am a sucker for any vintage bOING bOING shit.
I’m in!

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