Reality Sandwich interview with me about the early days of Boing Boing

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The interviewer sounds like a bit of a goof.

Do official scans of the bOING bOING zines exist? I’d love to see what they were like.

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Oh, man, SIGNAL! That really blew me away. But unlike Mark I really didn’t do anything with the inspiration.

WER, or whatever the magazine was called, had some kind of insane blowout deal on SIGNAL. A couple of bucks each as I recall. I ordered a half a dozen and gave them out as Christmas gifts.

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It’s the nostalgia trip I didn’t even know I wanted! I got turned on to bOING bOING in the early 90s while I was in Boston. I still have a few print issues squirrelled away somewhere. BB and Fringeware Review were my faves. Great art and articles, making my underground ass miss being networked while I was being poor and having my gear stolen all the time.

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Some of the zines are archived here…


I miss those days of browsing weird bookshops, like Compendium in Camden, and stumbling on some short run zine. Or discovering new cyberpunk authors via a hand typed sheet blue-tacked to a wall. Oooh, the nostalgia is making me all “Ben Is Dead”. So where’s Vague, Edge Detector, SciFi Eye now? Or the Fringeware Review website?

Fringeware lives on in my auto-.sig generator’s data file. It started with a collection of spurious product warnings. eg “Keep Dry and Away From Children”, “Tear Here To Open” found in a print copy.

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