Free Press – A pictorial history of underground newspapers 1965-1975

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Oh noes, unclothed woman-parts are depicted … ah slow cry of NFSW builds up … but wait … guns are shown too … error

I imagine the average US-American to go like this then:


The guns are on British magazine covers.


Doesn’t matter. Making cracks about Americans is @FFabian’s schtick.

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the internet is quite international though

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In the early 90’s, we squatted a house in my town in Germany, in order to make a culture center and somebody wrote “boing boing” on our café’s window. Until today, I have no idea if it had anything to do with the underground fanzine bOING bOING, but given we had a lot of traffic from all countries, it could totally be.


A dear friend now deceased was one of the original publishers of the Avatar, Boston’s first underground newspaper. That was before Mel Lyman appropriated the paper. He would have loved this (and then pointed out all the things he saw wrong with it).

Miss you, Melvin Preston Burns. You were a good friend and a valuable troublemaker.

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talk about beating a dead horse in the back

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