Boy Howdy! Killer merch for Creem magazine documentary

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Have both of these framed in the music room at home.


Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of the National Lampoon and now this. Lots of fond zine memories being had these days. Anyone remember a little zine called BoingBoing? The handoff on that zine was kinda amazing considering the low circulation.


one can only bitch & rave briefly about the temporariness of existence before you have to put up or shut up

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Creem is where I first learned the words schlong and Iggy Pop (in the same letter to the editor).


I always wanted to send away for one of their stuffed Boy Howdy dolls, but I never did.

Historic !!!

I didn’t start reading it until the mid-80s, by which time I think it had a bit more overlap (if, perhaps, in a half-joking way) with the likes of Teen Beat. I read Spin more regularly (and had a subscription until Guccione Sr. pulled the plug, after which I was offered Omni (but not Penthouse) to make up for the remainder), but I bought Creem every so often, and somewhere in the archives (I hope) I still have a 1987 issue with The Velvet Underground on the cover (commemorating 20 years since the release of The Velvet Underground and Nico).

They were still selling back issues from the '70s and, man, do I wish I had acted on that…

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