Watch the documentary trailer about rock mag Creem

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Creem was fantastic! I’ve desperately missed it since its demise. Poseurs and phonies were immediately seen through, laughed at and shredded in purely Detroit style. The interviews and photos were always brilliant, most reviews were spot on, and the letters page was invariably hysterical.

letter writer: “Led Zep kicks Joe Strummer’s ass! And don’t call me a rivethead! I listen to heavy metal and I’m not stupid!”
Editor: “Rivethead.”

letter writer: “I’d love to lick Grace Jones’ armpits. - The Mad Pitlicker, Albuquerque, NM”

Creem published what was probably one of Captain Beefheart’s last media interviews, and it was V long, empathic, lovely. Ice Cream for Crow was about to/had just been released.


boyyyy howdy!
CREEM was the finger in the eye of Rolling Stone back in the day. this looks like a fun movie.


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