Comedian and actor Wayne Federman talks about his favorite documentary, Crumb

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I wouldn’t watch a Crub that would have me as a member


@frauenfelder CRUB?


By freak chance I once happened to land a ticket to a fancy gala that had me seated next to Crumb director Terry Zwigoff at dinner. Couldn’t think of a single intelligent thing to say.


I saw this years ago. Didn’t realize it was David Lynch. I think the same VHS with the Crumb trailer also convinced me to see City of Lost Children.

ETA - oh, DL was a producer.

@frauenfelder on the main site as well…
also yay neat podcast.

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Crumb, what’s not to like, I ask you…


A crub is a person mainly on the Internet (Or in real life) that doesn’t use legitimate evidence or proof in arguments, but instead uses insults that are completely unrelated to the subject at hand.

I think I would have asked him for details regarding the Crumb sisters and their decision to not take part in the documentary. Their answer would seem obvious, but you never know.

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A crub is a guy that can’t get no love from me


If I had to pick a favorite documentary, it would be Crumb.

it is a very good film, but personally it’s gotta be Style Wars.

“You mean it’s like a nom-de-plume?”

“and who? Frank Frazettaaaaaaaaa!”

“Crub” sounds like the $3 video that LOOKS like the beloved Disney video you are looking for, but is actually just a repackaged old Public Domain movie of the same/similar name, or a horribly done foreign copy cat.


I’ll be honest. One of the reasons I couldn’t think of anything intelligent to say to him was that I knew his name but was only like 75% sure about which of his films I’d seen at the time. It was before I owned a smartphone so I couldn’t covertly peek at his IMDB page under the table.

I recall he said he was currently working on a project with his date (spouse?) but I forgot what they said it was.

Maybe the sexism and racism?

Great draftsman, influential cartoonist, but blech, what a wretched output sometimes.


I remember going to see this in NYC and feeling somehow profoundly disturbed afterwards and going for a very long walk.


Project-wise, it might be all academic. I don’t think he did much after Crumb.

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