"We should still bomb motherfucking banks" – Robert Crumb


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Be careful, Crumb. You have a beard. Probably on the watch list.


Bomb & Crumb in the same sentence, nice!


I read this article this morning, and holy crapsticks it was like reading two MRA/PUAs discuss “the problem with women” - no insight, no reflection, all issues were with “women” - a monolithic entity that apparently is evil and hard to figure out… I mean, I appreciate the honesty, but holy crap its terrifying.


Yeah, the BB post’s lack of an alert to that shit is, hmmmm… Yes, Crumb is “cranky” and has his “fascinating” sides, but the misogyny is as rank as ever.

There is something appealing about someone who lets all his ugliness hang out, instead of covering it up like most hypocrites do. But still, you’d think a guy this smart, and in other ways empathetic, would eventually work through having been shunned by the hotties in high school.


Crumb is Crumb, and he’s been the same his entire life and career and I appreciate that, and I’ve always liked his art, even the most graphic ones. But I don’t need to hear this journalists thoughts on the matter too…? He wasn’t uncovering anything, or exposing anything new, he was simply commiserating on the evils or women who won’t sleep with them. Thats not journalism, thats just diary writing.


My thought on Crumb is that he suffers from a lack of attention from his mother, though I do like his portrayal of Rubinesque hippy chicks (his word) and his work certainly resonates with more that a few…

I tell my single male clients to realise these women aren’t your mother, they wouldn’t give you a kidney or run into a burning building to save you or put up with your adolescent T and A fixation unless you bring an entire box of adult attributes as well, so that you can be in a relationship.

But guys continue to want tips and tricks…hence the PUA silliness.


Some people are damaged. Some damaged things are more beautiful than things that are whole.


Whoa, careful there, somebody might think you’re disappointed with Boing Boing!


What, are you kidding? Either the person is Jesus-like perfection or their opinions and worldview are garbage. We cannot pick and choose how we agree. These things cannot be separated by a sane person, it is as close as we have to a natural law. All criticism is proof of invalidity: wrong on one thing, wrong on all things.


i agree. i have always liked Crumb’s work, but he’s always come off to me as pretty much a loon in real life.


Reminded me of a line from the movie, “Fame.”

“That’s not music, Martelli! That’s masturbation!”


"Obama, in his final year in office, finally realizes that he spent his presidency trying to please the white man who hates him on sight, he did nothing to help black people.”

Sadly, he may be right.


I like that Crumb thinks that the US needs a militant left. Too few people today seem to understand the concept, much less agree with it.


Never trust anyone who equates masturbation with a negative.


I saw Mr. Crumb at a convention in Texas in 1984. It was full of industry giants — I think Crumb may have gone because Kurtzman would be there.

At one point, I saw Crumb at a table with a local Houston artist who had his own black and white comic. Crumb was sketching him as a gross warthog. The guy sensed that I might be there to try and say a word to his idol, so he was trying to never ever finish the sentence he was saying, and somehow finding the air to do it. As I wandered off again, the guy was trying to buy the unflattering sketch of himself.


I watched a movie once about Crumb. It was called “Crumb.”


Rubenesque is solid but one should never miss a chance to use “zaftig.”


That’s deep.


damn skippy.