Watch a short 1976 documentary about the NYC graffiti scene

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How did you know I watched this just a few days ago? I was looking for a short documentary, which turned out not to be this one, I’d seen about NYC graffiti in the '80’s. There was an artist featured in it named Crash. Crash also appeared on the Nickelodeon show Livewire hosted by Fred Newman who now does sound effects on A Prairie Home Companion, but that’s another story.

Crash explained that he was interested in computers and that’s where his name came from. At the time most of us didn’t know computers could crash, but we’d learn soon enough.

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This was downright depressing… at least STYLE WARS had some great art and interesting characters, tho i’m sure this doc mirrors more of the true banality of the moment. Messed up NYC with ZERO romanticizing, def a reality check.

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