Happy Birthday bOING bOING


Thank you, all.

Best wishes for an excellent year to come, and cheers!


So how old is boingboing anyway? I only signed up recently but I think I’ve been lurking for about 15 years or so. Knowing how old it is might help me nail down how long I’ve been reading.

Thanks in advance.

Oh, and Happy Birthday!


There’s this new-ish thing called Wikipedia…


Lol, it never occurred to me. Bit of a rushed morning. :slight_smile:

So I guess it’s been closer to 20 years of lurking. That sounds kind of creepy.

Thanks a bunch.


Me too. Can’t believe how time has flown. 30 friggin years ? Holy guacamole.


Agreed. Thinking on it some more I guess I was around 35 when I stumbled upon boingboing. So 25 years. To quote @euansmith in the commuter-bus thread “Gawd, I’m so old”.


I used to see their ads in Factsheet 5 but I never sent off for the 'zine. I do remember attending a talk by Bruce Sterling in early 1994; someone asked what (maga)zines he liked and he specified BB. And he still owes me $5*.

*(He talked about the EFF, or more specifically EFF-Austin. He offered to sign up new members, so I wrote down my info & gave him the $5 for dues. Still haven’t heard back.)


In bitcoin, that’s worth, like 5 million now, right? (Down from a high of 10 bazillion.)




I don’t quite remember when I first discovered this, but I lurked for a long time (and sometimes posted as an Anonymous Coward) before finally registering.


What got you to finally register, do you recall?


I think it was the switch from Disqus to Discourse.


I’ve only been involved with Boing Boing since 2003, though I was hosting Cory’s Sites before that.

The domain boingboing.net was registered in 1998, though I’d have to ask @frauenfelder how long the domain hosted a blog before I got involved. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the peek behind the curtain.


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