Happy Birthday, BoingBoing!


Boing Boing is 27 years old. We started as a cyberpunk zine, xeroxed into existence, then the Internet, and now, everywhere—even on @virginamerica planes in the air. @frauenfelder @carlasinclair created the original bOINGbOING together. Thanks boingmom and dad! Screen shot of Boing Boing circa 1993 shown here. :heart:️ this post if you appreciate hand made artisanal weirdness served up proud, free, and for free for 27 goddamn years.

This was the front page to Boing Boing’s conference on The Well. @garethbranwyn introduced me to the folks on The Well and that was where we ran Boing Boing’s virtual office for years.


Congrats on 27, everyone!




BoingBoing are people, my friend.


Just like Soylent Green!


I should fix the logo.


Wait. Wink is an @frauenfelder joint? I had no idea.


Happy 27th, BB! :tada: :balloon: :champagne:

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