A video with cat puppets and Journey


It is Darned Hard to find a puppet with both good feline facial shape and reasonably mobile mouth.

It suddenly cuts off and goes to black!!! I think the director is just messing with us.



Get away!

I wouldn’t be able to do that.
Primarily because our mom cat would be curious about what the puppet is, our son cat would be barging in because that’s what he always does, and the daughter cat would be trying to determine if the puppet is edible.

Yeah, I’m going to need more of these Cat Puppet videos. MOAR!

i don’t know what these drugs are, but this is a BAAAD trip.

You forgot to include the phrase “incredibly creepy.”

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Musicians, do us all a favor. If you’re going to include a random part of a random real city in one of your songs, at least take the cursory step of consulting a map to determine if such a place exists.

“South Detroit” is Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

This one is better:

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