A Vindication for the Public: Guardian and Washington Post Win Pulitzer Prize (A statement from Edward Snowden)




Edward, I hope you make it home, free and clear, so I can shake your hand.


Edward, I know you’re not comfortable with this label, but I got to say it. You’re my hero.



Where’s the dude who will tell us that this either was a plot or an advantage by/for ‘the man’?
It’s not a Greenwald thread until that happens.



Aww, hell ya.


Also, does Mr. Snowden have a real gig here, or is this one of those faux-by-lines that gets me all hot-and-bothered just to let me down?


Mr. Snowden is currently assembling a large collection of damning internal files while nominally working as a BoingBoing editor.

You will be shocked and demand more BoingBoing oversight.


It would only be polite to spoiler-warn about banana-gate before pre-cogging it.


Whoa, THE Edward Snowden? We’ll be on a black list together, but you’ve done the country an immense service. My parents escaped a totalitarian Communist regime that spied on everybody, and here we are in a totalitarian pseudo-democratic one that spies on everybody. Thank you for exposing the gross violations of the Constitution. I hope you’re able to build a semblance of a productive life given the constraints imposed on you for “espionage” (how ironic).


I’d feel better if there was some actual evidence that things have changed. For example, DNI Clapper getting charged with Contempt of Congress and Perjury. At best, program names have been changed and offices moved. . . .


Same here. Mr. Snowden, your bravery has been immensely cheering and inspiring.


He’s like the female Asian clone freedom fighter in “The Cloud Atlas.” The world won’t fully appreciate him for another 500 years.


This is one of those cases where the Pulitzer’s didn’t honor the honorees. Everybody knew the magnitude of their reporting. These awards maintain the dignity of the award and it is the awards themselves that will be honored when these great journalists accept. Future and past honorees will be able to say that they were awarded the same award as Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, and the others.

I know it is a minor thing, considering the immense danger that Edward Snowden personally faces based on his revelations, but we should also reflect on the danger faced by each of these journalists. Laura Poitras has documented the many times she has been harassed entering the US. Glenn Greenwald’s partner was harassed and had information stolen from him in London, while being labelled an abettor to terrorism. Recently when they entered the US, both of them were in great fear of the potential of being subpoenaed and forced to divulge sources and information under the threat of being jailed for contempt of court. People from members of the US Congress to distinguished journalists have publicly called them traitors and suggested that they should be jailed. What they have done isn’t simply great reporting. They have also put themselves at risk to the whims of an uncontrolled intelligence and national security apparatus. They’ve earned this award and I only hope that continued honors and support by the rest of the journalism community help to prevent any future abuse.

I think we should also reflect on why so many of these reporters who are American citizens feel they need to live abroad in order to safely report on the US. How did we let this occur?


Yeah it’s generally not a good sign when journalists and dissidents flee the country.

And where do they flee to? Germany (Applebaum and Poitras). Sweet irony of history …


I don’t think it’s lunatic fringe as much as an agenda, but ‘liked’ since it’s a good song.


I salute you, sir.


Ed, you are literally a champion, of the best kind.

Damn fine point.


There the megalomaniac goes again, making it all about HIM.*

*JUST KIDDING, FOR THE RECORD. I just love to see the statist dems and repubs throwing the ego-trip accusation at Snowden when he’s been nothing but extremely gracious and deferential to those who have helped him through this entire ordeal.