Whistleblower Edward Snowden joins Freedom of the Press Foundation board




A) this is awesome, and

B) Parker Higgins of EFF wins Best Joke


Anyone know if this is a paying gig? I understand Snowden has been having cash flow problems.


So have I.

No, it is not “a paying gig.”


Shame. Still, good on him.


Whoa. He’d better watch out, the CIA open files on people who get involved with leftist organisations like that.


I’m sure a lot depends on what happens as a result of his whistleblowing (or doesn’t), and what he does with his time from this point out (all things considered), but I would suspect he’s a contender for a Nobel Peace Prize(?).


I don’t believe Mr. Obama is using his; perhaps it could be repurposed?


Unfortunately, not under the current rules.

They date from a time when the Nobel Peace Prize was actually given out to people who ahd promoted peace, not people who just happen to not be a clone of George W. Bush.


This is great news, congratulations!

Also, a good reminder that I’m long overdue in making a donation to that organization.

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