Edward Snowden is almost broke




Since I’m the only one here, can I troll myself?

He deserves to be broke, the islamofacscist!!! How expensive can it be to live in Russia? All they do is drink and think of ways to piss off 'Merica. And they’re heathens, too. If Snowden’s so smarty, how do you say, “hey brother can you spare a dime?” in russkie?


The fact that dude is broke speaks to his integrity.

He’s is/was sitting on a gold mine.


You’re an asshole. Snowden deserves to be honored! Go beat your wife or something.


He’ll trade secrets for cash when he has nothing left to live on. Do you think the guys that threw Pussy Riot in jail and then off to Siberia, and slipped Polonium cocktails to dissidents, let him into the country out of the goodness of their hearts?


My money’s on wrecksdart.


Do you think we think that? Do I? I do not.


There are some real questions here. He has the support of most Americans. The government is going after him with great effort. Snowden is not a criminal. He is a witness to a crime. That is a fact and the Unite States government can not get around it. The government is going to continue to pursue him in spite of this fact.

How do Americans provide Snowden support while staying out of jail and not getting on a list?

I can’t help think about Julia Assange. Snowden, Assange, and others need the support from people of conscience and integrity.


Well, if I’m looking at his bitcoin link properly, he’s been sent about $3000 USD just today. That’s pretty anonymous. Now if I can just figure out how to use this stuff…


As much as I agree with you (and I do think he’s a whistleblower and not a criminal), I’m curious what the american populace thinks about Snowden’s actions. Here’s a Slate article claiming online security is important to many users, but most of them aren’t trying to hide their online presence, and here’s the report they cite on Pew. As much as I hear that he’s innocent from my left-leaning friends, I hear that he’s a traitorous evildoer from my right-leaning friends–one wonders how that will change with time.

Doubly agreed.


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What secrets? He didn’t bring any into Russia. I guess you’re not paying attention.


I guess you’re naive. If he had nothing to offer why would Russia bother with him?


No, nieve is Snowden himself. Nieve = Snow in Spanish…

Oh, wait… never mind. You cannot even spell properly in your native language.


I’m not giving him any money for legal defense. I am intimidated by my government.


Because Putin likes to piss off Americans.

So, when Snowden says he gave everything to Poitras and Greenwald and took nothing to Russia, you just think he’s lying because you know better?



Dissenters decent.



Keeping Snowden out of the hands of the United States serves Putin’s PR goals. Russia gets to look like the beacon of freedom (which of course it isn’t) and the US looks like the Soviet Union. Even if it does nothing for the geopolitical reputation battle, I’m sure an old KGB pro like Putin gets some degree of personal satisfaction from seeing the winner of the Cold War get a poke in the eye. He doesn’t have to give up a single US secret to Russia to have immense value to them.


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Well, it sure looks like you’re a minority here.

I hope I live to see him welcomed home.